Balik Bayan Box


Shipping Tips

Shipping gifts to friends and family should be stress-free, after all you are, in a way, sending them your love. Here are some quick tips to remember when sending your boxes to the Philippines.

  1. Pack big and heavy items at the bottom of the box. It’s easier to insert smaller items later.
  2. If you intend for your box to get to the Philippines in time for the Christmas season, keep our Christmas cut-off dates in mind.
  3. While Christmas season is typically the time we want to send our gifts, sending your padala during the low season of February to May, will ensure that your package will not have to go through port congestion. Think of it this way, you’ll be sending your family and friends gifts for Valentine’s Day and Graduation.
  4. Be sure to pack your items in such a way that the weight is distributed evenly.
  5. To avoid delays, be sure your padala does not include any prohibited items. Examples of these items include: flammable items, firearms, pornography, drugs, cash, perishable food and large electronic items. Refer to the infographic below or get a printer-friendly version of the list of prohibited or regulated items.

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